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Setting Out

Welcome to my website. This is a big deal for me in so many ways, whilst I've been making music since 1993 in various bands and have written many songs in my life it has always been as part of a band, whether the guitarist, bassist, songwriter etc. I have never thought of myself as a solo artist and I still don't to be honest but after my last band, Human Face dissolved I spend a lot of time reflecting on what I had accomplished in over the last 24 years. I was very proud to see my body of work (see my discography) and even more proud of the songs I had written.

I had recorded many demo tracks from since 1993 as part of various bands and a lot of these have been sitting in a cupboard on a cassette, mini disc, CD-ROM or hard drive collecting dust. As part of my reflection I listened back to all these demos (some half finished and some just terrible) and hit upon the idea of finalising them and putting them out there. The questions was, do I rerecord them or just issue them as they are? Well I decided to issue them as they were but complete any obvious missing parts. This was such a cathartic process for me and although the quality of of the songs and the recordings were variable I thought it was important to issue them as they were, warts and all. This will be my first solo album, although not a proper album as its really a collection of demos but it will be the first time I am putting myself out there and I can't wait to share these old recordings with the world.

Added to that the band THWP are about the complete their debut EP and this too will be released in 2017, so all in all a very exciting year ahead.

I can wait to keep everyone posted and up to date with everything that is going on...check back soon

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